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Dear all,
This is review was done on a video on how to use SWOT Analysis as a tool for a Banana Selling Business. The presenter presented the four factors of SWOT in a template format and he has shown how the template is used to perform the SWOT Analysis.
The video is visible, the audio is clear and sharp. He started to explain SWOT that represents the STRENGHTS-WEAKNESSES-OPPORTUNITIES-THREATS. It pointed out that the resources to identify the internal and external factors into the SWOT, how to select those factors and how to insert them into the appropriate four quadrants of the SWOT Analysis template
A Banana Selling is used in the example of how to use the SWOT Analysis Template to evaluate the possibility of doing this business. He quoted examples of identifing Strengths and Weaknesses as an internal factors. How to turn your weakesses into your strenghts which is an opportunity for improvement. One interesting highlight though, when he pointed out the factor for Opportunities. He cited an example that an improvement opportunty as a result of internal weaknesses cannot be classified as an OPPORTUNITIES for this purpose. Because the weaknesses itself is an internal factor. It was explained further that Opportunites in this context should be an external factor that you do not have control over it.

Watch the video to see how it is done !

He cited several key actions to be taken as a result of the SWOT Analysis. Example, take the case of increase in retail taxes as a THREATS if the business it is conducted a traditional way. For this, you have to pay your tax from your profit. Then it look around the environment, it was noted that online buying trends is increases. This online buying trends prompted to think of an action to do Banana Business ONLINE. It was pointed out this action should be derived from the findings from the SWOT Analysis and not before.
In conclusion, analysing your business objectively and clearly and map out the four SWOT factors appropriately. Make use of your Strenghts to improve your Weaknesses and use it to take on the Opportunities. Avoid or counter an Threats that may come along.

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